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Rembering to make the Holidays make “sense.”

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Regardless of what holiday traditions you believe in, this time of year can be overwhelming.

Often holidays come with high expectations, busy schedules and empty wallets. We believe that a great way to re-connect with this magical time of year is to get back to basics and focus on the 5-senses.  Here are some suggestions for re-connecting with the big five.




Smell:  Smell is strongly connected to memory. One great way to remember a happy time is to seek out a favorite smell. No one does smell better than Yankee Candle. So take a deep breath and go find that special fragrance that will bring you back.


Touch: If the only thing you seem to be touching lately is a screen, maybe this is the sense for you. The sense of touch  is how our bodies alerts us to problems but also to pleasure. Take a moment, close your eyes and really feel a cozy blanket, a hot drink in your hands or how it feels to unwrap your favorite holiday treat (we recommend Hersey Kisses- if you’d like to know).

Sight: Some holiday sights can be hard to love. For example, a line around the corner at your favorite coffee house, the daytime graveyard of 50 unplugged inflatable items in your neighbor’s yard, or the price on that “I have to have it” gift. Here is something beautiful to look at if you are having a hard time seeing the “light”.

Taste: For many, indulging in favorite holiday treats is the highlight of the season. Nothing like sinking into your Grandmother, Nana, Babci, Gaga, Grammie, Grams, Ruth or your name for that special person’s famous cookies. Here are some other ideas you can make. Who knows, it might one day make you famous!

Hearing: Choose your sound,snow crunching under your feet, holiday tunes, the timer going off alerting you that the cookies are ready etc, and find it! And if creating snow to crunch in isn’t going to happen, please enjoy the following song that we believe should be a part of everyone’s holiday season (click the picture).

So that’s it! Hope you have enjoyed making “sense” of this crazy time of year with us and Happy Holidays!

The Camp Blue Skies family.

The 12 Days of Crafting (Homemade Crafts That Anyone Can Do).

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

CBS wants to encourage the Blue Skies family to embrace their “crafty” side during this winter season.  Now, for all those readers who would fake being sick rather than go to arts and crafts at camp, don’t worry.  Just like at camp, all we ask is that you try. Also, you automatically get LOTS of style points for making something homemade and who doesn’t want that?

 12 Days of Crafting Ideas
(feel free to create a sing-a-long version if you’d like)

12) Fabric Garland for beginners- This is a website of Liz, our Program Director’s, friend!

11) Easy Peasy Snowman Ornament- Loved the name AND the project.

10) Paper snowflakes – Show up even the most talented kid with these easy to follow instructions. Complete with great pictures and a video.

9) Mustache drinking glass - Sounds weird but promise you it will be a hit!)

8) Pasta angles – If they are good enough for a 1st grader they are good enough for us, right?

7) Lou’s Homemade Fudge - You won’t believe how easy this holiday favorite can be!

6) Drying Mittens Holiday Card – These cute cards will remind you of coming in after a long day of playing in the snow. Or daydreaming of playing in snow if you live in the south….

5) Mulled Wine – If this doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit then we don’t know what will…and it’s SO easy!

4) 25 best Gingerbread Men Cookie recipes – Couldn’t choose just one. Also, don’t be afraid to buy some at the store but decorate at home….a little sneaky…or “crafty,” if you will, but no one will know or care!

3) Peanut Butter Bird Feeders – Yum yum! Just make sure they –or you- aren’t allergic first.

2) Winter table decoration ideas – Why not jazz up your table during your next get together? Or even better, do it for no particular reason. Life is too short to not add some sparkle once in a while, right?

1) Esty Website – When all else fails, go to this site and buy something someone else made by hand! It’s like an “” for local artists.

So grab your positive attitude and materials and get started!  Hope you have a great time and we’d love to hear about your beautiful creations (or funny mishaps).

Tis the Season!

The Camp Blue Skies Team

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