Are you eligible to attend Camp Blue Skies?

Camp Blue Skies serves adults age 21 and older with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

In order to ensure that all campers have a positive and enriching experience, and Camp Blue Skies staff/volunteers can give each camper the attention they deserve, Camp Blue Skies requires that all campers meet the following criteria:

A camper must be…

  • Mobile and capable of benefiting from a residential camp experience with structured support. We are not able to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

  • Able to listen, follow simple directions and verbally communicate their interests and needs.

  • Able to manage basic self-care skills such as eating, showering, dressing, and toileting.

  • Able to participate in activities without needing significant medical or behavioral support (do not exhibit significant behavioral or aggression traits and do not need individual nursing support to manage health needs and do not require one-on-one attention).

  • Interested in and willing to participate in group activities, including those that take place outdoors.

QUOTES about camp from three points of view

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful mind-blowing experience at camp! I’m so looking forward to next year... sign me up! You helped me to step out of my comfort zone.
— A camper
Your camp and organization is the most amazing thing we have experienced! People with intellectual disabilities really do not have many resources or places to help them learn, live, and enjoy life. When she talks about her time at camp it is always with a big smile and laughter.
— A parent
It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. It was such a privilege to get to know these wonderful and special campers who each had their own unique personalities. I loved the fact that so many of the stereotypes that one associates with mentally challenged individuals were totally shattered.