Who can come to Camp Blue Skies?

1. Who is eligible to attend? Individuals 21 and older with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

2. What are the requirements and qualifications for your campers? Campers must be mobile, capable of benefiting from one-week residential experiences with structured support, able to listen and follow simple directions, communicate adequately to meet their interests and needs, manage basic self-care skills such as eating, dressing and using the toilet, do not need significant medical or behavioral support (do not exhibit significant behavioral or aggression traits, do not need individual nursing support to manage health needs). Campers should enjoy outdoor and group activities.

3. What about persons with specific dietary needs? The application and medical forms will allow you to inform of us of any special dietary needs.

4. How many campers will be there? How many counselors will you have? Each session will have a capacity of 50 to 60 campers. There will be approximately one counselor/volunteer for every two campers.

5. Where are the campers coming from? A large portion come from the surrounding area of the host camp, but we expect campers from all over the United States. If a camper wants to come from England, China or Australia, we’d be totally OK with that.

Where is Camp Blue Skies and how do I get there?

1. Where is Camp Twin Lakes in Georgia or YMCA Camp Harrison in North Carolina?

2. Do you provide transportation to camp? No. Individuals are responsible for their transportation.

3. When should I arrive? When should I be picked up? On opening day, campers typically arrive between 10:30 a.m. and noon. On closing day, pick-up is usually at 11 a.m. Please confirm these arrival/departure times for camp since times are subject to change.

Life at Camp

1. How many campers are in a cabin? Describe the cabin layout and facilities. There will be approximately 5-7 campers and 2-3 counselors in each cabin. Cabins have heat, bathrooms and showers.

2. Will campers go off site for any activities? No off-site activities are planned at this time.

In Case of Emergency

1. What if there is a medical emergency? Each session will have a physician who will be on call. The Director of Health Services will be supported by nurses. All medical concerns will be directed immediately to the Health Services Director and the nurses. There will be radios with every group of campers at all times, so that the nurse can be notified immediately if there is an unexpected incident/injury. In the case of a serious injury or emergency (volunteer or camper), the Health Services Director or a nurse will contact camp doctor, treat the camper/volunteer at camp as directed by the -physician, and/or oversee transport of the camper/volunteer to the most appropriate and closest medical facility. Individuals listed as emergency contacts on the volunteer Health and Emergency Form (or camper medical form) will be contacted prior to or while in route.

2. How can my parents contact me at camp? Call Richard Sesler at 704-236-7902 or the camp office:

  • Camp Twin Lakes (Rutledge, Ga.): 706-557-9070
  • YMCA Camp Harrison (Boomer, NC): (336) 921-7035

I really want to come, but I’m not sure…

1. Can I visit camp while it’s in session? Yes, everyone is welcome.  Just let us know in advance.

2. I’m not sure I can afford it, can Camp Blue Skies help me? Yes, contact Dick Sesler at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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