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In Fall 2019, Camp Blue Skies kicks off its celebration of 10 years of offering camps to adults with developmental disabilities and enhancing their lives through recreation, socialization and life skills education. Camp often transforms the lives of this under-served population, parents/caregivers, volunteers and supporters.

At Camp Blue Skies, people who are 21 and older with developmental disabilities will enjoy recreational activities indoors and outside, along with lots of fun and friendship. Campers can challenge themselves in a safe environment to enhance their interests and abilities while increasing social skills and confidence.


Are you a parent or caregiver? If you would like to talk with us about a potential camper, please review camper eligibility requirements and complete a CAMPER INQUIRY FORM.

Camp Blue Skies focuses on the camper’s physical, mental and emotional well-being through continued development of a healthy lifestyle and positive social skills. We seek to provide each camper with fun and adventure through appropriate challenges, and a better understanding of self and others through group living with shared experiences.

Here’s what one parent said about her son’s experience: “He matured and experienced challenges that his overly protective mother had never given him. Even his speech is clearer. I am just amazed. He seems to have a new found confidence and enthusiasm about life in general and camp, specifically.”

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This is one of the best camps I have been to. They go above and beyond to make sure your week at the world’s greatest camp is a week that you will remember for a lifetime.
— Nina Marando, CAMPER
This was an amazing experience for our son! When he called us from camp, you could hear the excitement in his voice! He was having the time of his life! Thank you, Camp Blue Skies!
The best week of my year, every year.
— Daniel Wood, volunteer