Camper spotlight: The miracle Blythe Wilson needed

The story of camper Blythe Wilson and her family validates Camp Blue Skies Foundation's commitment to providing recreation, socialization and life skills education for adults with developmental disabilities. Please consider a donation to Camp Blue Skies. Your contribution will help us continue our service to this underserved population.

Blythe Wilson, 30, loves to read fiction series such as “Twilight" and “Divergent." She writes stories, too. A bit of a thrill-seeker, she heads straight to roller coasters at amusement parks.

And she loves Camp Blue Skies, all of it. “The dancing, karaoke, arts/crafts… zipline… the climbing wall... the pottery wheel,” Blythe says. She loves seeing old friends and making new ones.

Blythe’s parents, Sara and Steven, say Camp Blue Skies is the miracle they needed. During her school years, Blythe was a social butterfly who enjoyed learning. After high school, she started to withdraw as the few opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities dwindled.

The Wilsons learned about Camp Blue Skies in 2011 while listening to the John Boy and Billy Show one morning on the way to work. “We were at our lowest point in trying to find something for Blythe when we heard Dick and Kit on the radio talking about camp," says Sara. “This was like a divine intervention.”

The Wilsons were apprehensive registering Blythe for her first camp in 2012, but the professionalism of the staff, nurses and counselors put Sara and Steven at ease. Even better was Blythe's smiles in the daily photo updates. She made lots of friends and found plenty of thrills in the zip line and high ropes course.

At camp this year, Blythe conquered new challenges (hello, climbing wall!) and helped welcome new campers. When she returned home, her parents noticed Blythe standing taller, chiming in on family jokes and looking people in the eyes.

“It’s a dream come true for Blythe,” Steven says. “That’s what you want for the people you love.”