350 players participate in Hoops For Camp 2018

Hoops final2018.jpeg

Thanks to 350 donors, our Hoops For Camp NCAA Bracket Challenge raised over $15,600 to support our camps for adults with developmental disabilities.

This year, Hoops included a “second chance” Sweet 16 Round challenge for folks with busted brackets or who wanted to up their chances of winning.

Winners in the drawings included:

Top 10: Eric Machemer

Overall league: Saxby Chaplin

Slam Dunk Team: Cushman Wakefield Atlanta

Sweet 16 Round: Damian Miller

Winners could choose from Visa, Amazon or Apple gift cards. Cushman Wakefield Atlanta donated the Breakfast of Champions prize back to Camp Blue Skies.

Hoops For Camp will return in March. Interested in sponsoring the event or being a team captain? Email Mary Tinkey at Mary@CampBlueSkies.org.

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