Camp Blue Skies Volunteers: Fun Facts About the Backbone of our Community.

If the campers are the heart, then volunteers are the backbone of Camp Blue Skies. Volunteers wear many hats while at camp. Within the week, one could find themselves wearing the friend, teacher, counselor, student, cheerleader, rule-follower, walkies-talkie commander, skit director, and logistics coordinator plus many more.

You may be wondering just who jumps into the above roles. Here is a breakdown of some CBS volunteer facts.

Total amount of CBS volunteers so far? 162ish and counting.

Geographical breakdown (camp location and state)

NC Camp - Massachusetts (1), South Dakota (1), North Carolina (73), Georgia (2), Florida (1), New Jersey (3), Illinois (1), Ohio (2), South Carolina (2), Minnesota (2).

ATL Camp- North Carolina (8), Georgia (51), South Carolina (2), Texas (1),  Alabama (15),  Minnesota (1).

Families who have worked together at camp: 12

  • Our NC camps have had members of the Barry, Tinkey, Ingle, Robinson, Cox, Parrish and Shockley families come together.
  • Our Atlanta camp had members of the Barry, Tinkey, Ingle, Robinson, McElheny, Morgan and Stanley families come together.

Couples who have volunteered together: 8

  • NC Camp- The Caudills, Wholbruck’s, Harris’, Holcomb’s, Lindley’s, Eary’s-Wade’s and the Sesler’s in North Carolina.
  • ATL Camp- The Sacco’s.

Volunteers who came with Friends:

  • 3 amazing ladies made coming to camp a girls road trip last October in NC!
  • 1 male volunteer came only because of a friend’s recommendation.
  • 3 of our Director’s fraternity brothers have been CBS regulars.

How many have been connected to our Directors?

  • 43  North Carolina volunteers came as  friends of Dick (or Founder/Director)
  • 24 Atlanta volunteers came as  friends of Trey (of Atlanta Director)

How many have come to more than one CBS session?  9 Age breakdown:

15-30 yrs: 48 31-40 yrs: 29 41-50 yrs: 21 51-60 yrs: 33 61-70 yrs: 27 70-80 yrs: 4 (oldest volunteer is 80!)

Other fun facts:

  • Our Director’s Son’s friendship with a friend back home brought in a fantastic volunteer last October.Facebook is to thank for one of our nurse volunteers
  • 5 NC volunteers were also planning to return but could not due to schedule conflicts and health reasons.
  • Volunteering at Camp Blue Skies has led to employment at the host camps for 2 volunteers so far.
  • Our camp has been an option for the Georgia Southern University’s honors spring break program two years in a row. Last march 29 students came and we expect 19 this upcoming year.
  • Wrigley our favorite 4 legged volunteer will return for another camp this March.
  • Majority of our volunteers do not have a tie (i.e. child, sibling, relative) with our camper population other than volunteer experiences and many come with no experience at all.

It is a fact that we couldn't do what we do without our amazing volunteers.

Thank you again.

The Blue Skies Team.