Companies Who Create Opportunities for People With Developmental Disabilities.

One size doesn’t always fit all….so what can we do about it?  For some, the answer is to take the reins and create a whole new “fit” for those with developmental disabilities. Shopping is often something fun, relaxing and exciting for many people. However, for individuals with Downs Syndrome finding clothes that fit well can be a challenge.  As described in this CNN article, It is common for someone with Downs to have “thicker limbs, a short, thick neck, and short stature. Their knees and elbows are at slightly different points on their legs and arms. An underactive thyroid is common, and that can cause weight gain. Additionally, many children and adults with Down syndrome are sensitive to tight or restrictive clothing, especially around the waist or neckline.

Therefore, finding that “perfect” pair of jeans or top can be nearly impossible, until now, thanks to Karen Bowersox and her company Downs Design.  Karen is on a mission to create an entire line of clothing for this special population ranging from jeans to prom dresses.

Another company we wanted to celebrate is Inclusion Films.  This company, created by John Travolta’s brother Joey, trains adults with developmental disabilities in the nuts and bolts of film making -- from writing the script to building sets and using film and editing equipment -- with the goal of finding them jobs in the entertainment industry or some other field, as described in this LA Times article.

Joey has used his experience in the film business and his Hollywood connections to create an appropriate training program for adults with developmental disabilities.  We love that this company sees no reason why everyone can’t have a part in creating movie magic.

Check out the PSA created by Inclusion participants.

So next time you “shop till you drop” or watch a great movie, feel good that these experiences are also made accessible for people with developmental disabilities thanks to individuals who took action and made the world a better place.

Also can't hurt to ask yourself, "how can I create positive change for someone who may have special needs?"

-The Blue Skies Team