Directors Corner- Highlights of North Carolina 2011

Thought it might be nice to see what our Founder/ Director thought about our last camp. Here are some insights and highlights from the man himself, Dick Sesler. Q: Favorite part of NC 2011? A: Observing the maturing of the campers and the volunteers - as each day progressed.

Q: Funniest moment for you, camper or staff? A: The skit with Liz - banana/bandana. 

Q: What would you never change about Camp Blue Skies? A: The dance and the award ceremony line of volunteers.

Q: What would you change for next year? A: More rest time or free time in the afternoon.

Q: What was your proudest moment? A: On our last day, the conversations with the parents, the campers and their Cabin Captains about all the great things that happened during the week.  After camp, the stories from the volunteers about their experience and what they learned at camp.

Q: Coolest activity? A: The drumming class and the artificial campfire (for our indoor campfire on the first night).

Q: One example from this camp that reminded you of why you started this in the first place? A: Again this year we had a new camper that had never been away from home without his parents.  His mother had high hopes that he might make it through one night at the most.  Not only did the camper stay the entire session, but he was engaged in every activity and never stopped smiling.

Thanks Dick for your insight, foresight and ability to make Camp Blue Skies a reality.

If you would like to personally ask Dick any other camp questions, come to our next camp March 12-16th in Atlanta, GA.