Get the Scoop on the Hoops For Camp Video

For the third year of Camp Blues Skies Hoops for Camp fundraiser, we wanted to go "big" for a promotional video... and we did! The minute-long NCAA Bracket Challenge video features Jay Bilas, an award-winning basketball analyst for ESPN and a former starter for Duke University, along with campers, volunteers and founder Dick Sesler.

A friend connected us to Jay, and he graciously agreed to appear in the video. We then asked campers Michael Harvey, Brandon Burrows, and Kelly Case to join us. And, of course, we needed some volunteers for the video ... Nicholas Lee and Collin Wade answered that call.

We mapped out a script for the big day, and what we had on paper is pretty much what you see on the screen. Our mission was to capture the spirit of fun and teamwork that makes Camp Blue Skies so wonderful.



The CBS team gathered the morning of Nov. 18, 2013, in the gym at Charlotte's Providence United Methodist Church (thanks for so graciously allowing us to use the space). Amy Millikan and Crystal Dempsey had visited the day before to test the light and sound levels. They blocked out where everyone should stand and assessed what we needed (snacks? water? special shirts?). During the shoot, Crystal served as the director/camera operator while Alison Barry and Amy watched for consistency and sight-lines. Russ Case, Kelly's dad, and Christie Sproles served as morale boosters and cheerleaders.

The "cast" stayed upbeat and downright joyous when they were asked to do their lines and take shots... a few dozen times. Again, that Camp Blue Skies spirit shined through.

After two hours of filming, the team called it a "wrap," at least we think that's the show biz term for "we're done." The video then went to Stan Peal who edited the two hours into the one-minute video. Stan had some help from Anthony Proctor of 1060 Creative in post-production.

Thanks to all of the folks who helped make this video a reality! Now, go sign up for Hoops For Camp... you could be a Fundraising Captain, A Team Player or a No. 1 Fan. Sign up here TODAY and you could win a $500 Apple gift card.