Team Captain Tom Cox: Why He's All In For Hoops For Camp

A few of the Team Captains in our Hoops for Camp fundraiser are sharing their stories about why they're involved with Camp Blue Skies and why they're participating in the bracket competition. Long-time supporter Tom Cox shares his story: What is Camp Blue Skies? Camp Blue Skies is an annual bright spot for 200+ adults in the Charlotte area. Roughly 130 of these adults have developmental, intellectual and cognitive disabilities. These are our "campers." The rest of us are volunteers... in-cabin counselors, activity coordinators and helpers of all kinds.

Bill Southerland Tom Cox Dick Sesler Camp Blue Skies

That's volunteer me in the photo squeezed between volunteer Bill Southerland and CBS founder Dick Sesler. Our family is "all in" on Camp Blue Skies. I have been an in-cabin counselor for three years. After she retired, Millie ran the Command Central desk her first year and helped her sister Dede last year with the art activity. Liza is camp photographer and energy source. We'll be back this year, too.

Why Hoops for Camp?

Our donations make camp affordable for many campers. Your $10 combined with other people's $10 puts so much good stuff into the lives of these adult campers.

Tom Cox Camp Blue Skies volunteerDoing an NCAA bracket can be fun, even if you don't know or care about college basketball. Maybe you are going to fill out a bracket next Monday anyway. Or your spouse is going to complete one for you. Camp Blue Skies is giving away a $500 Apple gift card to the winner.

Click here to donate. It is simple, fast and totally secure. And you can donate as little as $10.

One more thing.

The camps at YMCA Camp Harrison (Wilkesboro) this year are the first two weeks of October. Why not volunteer?  Yea, its a bit of work... but it's good work and is guaranteed to change someone's life.

Click here to volunteer.

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