Founder Dick Sesler explains the purpose of Camp Blue Skies Social Venture Partners' SEED 20 competition in 2014 in Charlotte.

Our mission

The mission of Camp Blue Skies Foundation is to offer camps to adults with developmental disabilities, enhancing their lives through recreation, socialization and life skills education. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Why Camp Blue Skies?

The number of services and support for persons with intellectual disabilities drops off dramatically after they reach the age of 21. A residential camp can offer these individuals opportunities for making new friends and experiencing new activities. Year after year they will have a special place to look forward to – where they can enjoy themselves and build their self-confidence.

Our Model

Camps are ideal places to learn new things while having fun. Founder Dick Sesler's vision: Create camping experiences for adults with developmental disabilities.

Founder Dick Sesler and his son, Brent, who was the inspiration for Camp Blue Skies.

Founder Dick Sesler and his son, Brent, who was the inspiration for Camp Blue Skies.

Our model, rather than owning our own properties, involves leasing camps during the off-season. Hundreds of traditional camps are under-utilized during the academic year, and thousands of potential campers would benefit from the opportunity to improve upon essential life skills while making new friends and nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. And have a GOOD TIME!

Our Goals

The experience we offer will focus on the camper’s physical, mental and emotional well-being through continued development of a healthy lifestyle and positive social skills.

  • Recreation: Discover enjoyable, sustainable physical activities.
  • Socialization: Join a network of friends from camp.
  • Life Skills: Learn practical skills towards an independent lifestyle.