An Experience for More Than Just the Campers

Doree Camp Blue Skies Ohio 2014While it is certain that camp is for campers, Camp Blue Skies — which serves adults with developmental disabilities — can also be a great experience for parents and caregivers! Just ask Amanda Manuel, whose daughter Doree attended our Ohio 2014 session at Recreation Unlimited in Ashley.

“Camp Blue Skies was a special blessing to us this year,” she shared. After a house fire in the spring of 2014, the family was “all tired and weary. Doree was especially anxious and depressed from all the change, and she hadn’t really smiled in a while.”

One important aspect for Amanda was feeling confident in the Camp Blue Skies experience. “Because of my many conversations with the camp staff,” she said. “I was able to drop Doree off and know she was safe and would be in good, caring hands.”

Affordability was another key factor. “It helped that so many people had put so much time into fundraising, so it was affordable. We chose a payment plan and said let’s go for it!”

Through daily photos, she could see that Doree was smiling and having fun again. Feeling reassured, Amanda says they were able to have some much-needed rest and have some fun on their own. “I am such a fan of Camp Blue Skies now.”

Every time you see the smiling face of a camper, remember that those who love and care for them daily are enjoying their time as well, free from their typical routine for a few days.


Apply today

Interested in attending Camp Blue Skies-Ohio on Sept. 14-19? The online application is open for new and returning campers. Click here to apply now. The applications close on Aug. 14. A waiting list will be established if camp fills up before the deadline. Have a question? Please contact Director Debra Lowery at or 614-378-6414.